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Air conditioning, the removal of heat from indoor air for thermal comfort. Automobile air conditioning, air conditioning in a vehicle. Ice storage air conditioning, air conditioning using ice storage. Solar air conditioning, air conditioning using solar power. Beer conditioning, maturation, clarification, and stabilisation of beer.
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Instrumental, or operant, conditioning differs from classical conditioning in that reinforcement occurs only after the organism executes a predesignated behavioral act. When no US is used to initiate the specific act to be conditioned, the required behaviour is known as an operant; once it occurs with regularity, it is also regarded as a conditioned response to correspond to its counterpart in classical conditioning.
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They lived in the walls, and had been conditioned away from any but the most vestigial fear of humans. Doris Lessing ON CATS 2001. She smiled at him, but it was the smile of somebody conditioned to turn compassion on and off like a light.
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In our example, the conditioned response would be feeling hungry when you heard the sound of the whistle. In the after conditioning phase, the conditioned stimulus alone triggers the conditioned response. Behaviorists have described a number of different phenomena associated with classical conditioning.
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Summation test for conditioned inhibition: The CS from phase 2 is presented together with a new CS that was conditioned as in phase 1. Conditioned inhibition is found if the response is less to the CS/CS pair than it is to the CS alone.

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